What U learn


How to think different
Marketing & Business
How to get international weddings
How to be unique
How to work with couples
How to color grade




How to use what you have

It's not about the gear you have. It's about what you do with it. 
I do believe you can shoot a wedding even with an Iphone if you make good use of it. Owing a a7sII does not make you professional. I will show you what I use, and how I use it. You will be surprised.  




Always be "in the zone" 

I will tell you what inspires me and what I do to be better every weekend. How I train my own emotions and taste, and what I do if I don't feel that I like what I see. 


Working with people

Make them cry

Do you build a relationship with the couple you work with?
What do you know about them? I will tell you why most of my couples are my friends after the wedding. 



Love & Travel

I will tell you how to get over 30 weddings each year, how to have fun, see the world and earn good money. 




Symmetry or not?

Show me your composition and I will tell you who you are.
So will the clients. Wedding films are all about beauty and emotions. We will learn how to show it. 



editiing & color Correction

Practical lesson

I will show you the editing process on a real example of one of my movies.
We will also look at the Ricardo Fassoli Kreativ Luts and how to use them while grading a wedding film.