How to Rock @ Weddings
Special guest RAFAƁ BOJAR

 17.10.2017, Warsaw


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This workshop experience is all about YOU not ME.
It's a time where you learn, get inspired, develop new skills, have fun, explore your own emotions and hopefully grow as a person and as a businessman/women.

                                             Now let's meet the guy behind all this...

...When hearts are desired - stories are to be told
My name is Sebastian Mandryka and I am a storyteller.

I dedicated all my life to telling stories.
At first my language was music, while becoming an international DJ and then a music producer I took the crowds on a journey with my sound.  Now I use a different vocabulary.
Inspired by the cinematography of film masters like Stanley Kubrick, Federico Fellini or Akiro Kurosawa I grabbed my camera and started to look for stories hidden in the city lights, in the eyes of unknown people in the silence of the woods, in the sound of the hearts.
This is my story.
And what's yours?
more about me at
In 2017 I will be attending the Tribe Archipelago Camp as well as making the official movie of Way up North! 


I love my life. 
I will teach you how to love yours.



My stories are being blogged worldwide: Junebug Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Frieda Theres, Hochzeitswahn, Want that Wedding, Slub na Glowie, ZankYou, & more....


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